1. The Central Government/State Government and Management of private colleges shall appoint or promote teachers only after their educational qualification and experience are cleared by the Central Council of Indian Medicine.

2. The teachers appointed must posses post graduate qualification in the concerned subject. If they are not available, then PG degree approved as allied subject can be appointed. Note:-
(a) In case of Unani Tibb where there are PG only in six Subjects and that to in few Institutions with small intake, Graduates can be appointed as teachers till such time that adequate number of PGs are available in all the subjects.
(b) In case of Siddha System of Medicine, graduate teachers appointed before the Gazette Notification dated 13.10.2006 will be eligible to continue as teachers.

3. The Teacher is eligible for promotion only in the subject/department he/she has teaching experience.

4. Every teacher will be issued with an identity card with a specific individual code within three months of the issue of these guidelines by the Central Council of Indian Medicine.

5. In case of confirmation of regular teachers, they should apart from the above should submit any of the following to prove their residence:-
(a) Certified copy of Telephone/Electricity/Water bill in his name
(b) Certified copy of Bank Statement/Ration Card/PAN Card/Election ID Card.
(c) Rental agreement of the residence in cases the teachers who are residing in rental house/apartment.

*PASSED BY E.C. ON 3rd June 2008

6. The appointing authority should take an affidavit from the teacher on a Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of Rupees ten that he is not working in any other department/college of any State or Central Government nor is a regular/full time student of M.D./Ph.D., with an undertaking that any statement is found to be false, the action taken by the Management/University/Central Council of Indian Medicine will be binding on him/her.

7. If a teacher is to be appointed directly to the post of Reader/Professor, the Management of the college should verify the qualification and the experience certificates and the reliving order from the previous employer. The copies of the appointment order along with the qualification/experience certificate and reliving order of the previous employer along with the passport size photo and curricula vita of the teacher should be sent to the office of the CCIM within 30 days of appointment.

8. The management of the college should keep the CCIM informed with reason about the teacher who goes on more than three months leave.

9. If on perusal of the records it is proved that a given teacher is working in another college/department of State or Central Government or is drawing salary without teaching just to lend his name for the other college, the CCIM will penalize him with the following action:-
(a) The first time offence, the teacher alongwith THE Institution will be black listed resulting in his disqualification of being considered for appointment in any other college. In case of teacher working in any Government Department/College, the CCIM will address the authorities to take necessary penal action against the said teacher.
(b) The second time offence, the CCIM will recommend to the State Board/Council to cancel his/her medical Registration, or appropriate action shall be taken against the teacher.

10.All colleges should pay the UGC scale to the teaching staff. The payment of salary should be only through Bank. Half yearly Bank Statement of the teaching and other staff should be sent to the office of the CCIM.

11. Appointment on contract/deputation or honorary basis against the regular teaching post shall not be accepted as a teacher by the CCIM.

12. The teachers shall not continue as faculty member after the age of 65.

13.The constitution of selection committee should have at least one representative from the affiliating University.

14.The teacher appointed by the college should posses the Registration Certificate issued by any State Board/Council or the Central Council of Indian Medicine.

15.The Graduate Teachers appointed before 01.07.1989 shall be recognized as teachers. If the teacher wants to change the Institution a NOC from the CCIM is mandatory. Note: Teachers of Government Colleges/University are exempted.

16.The Graduate Teacher appointed after 01.07.1989 shall not be recognised as a teacher. Note: In case of Unani Tibb and Siddha the note in the policy at Sl.No.2 will apply.

17.Teachers with Post Graduate qualification only are eligible for teaching Post Graduate Courses.

18.The HOD/Principal will be liable for disciplinary action if they issue certificate of completion of Internship to students without the student undergoing the training in the institution.

19.The college authorities are instructed to take disciplinary action against the teacher who is irregular and are not completing the entrusted work/duty/teaching assignment etc.

20.The Principal will be a faculty member in addition to the administrative work.

21.The post of the Principal should not be kept vacant, and any temporary arrangement should not exceed three months.

22.The teacher appointed in a particular college should work in that college at least till the end of academic year. Note: This will not apply in case if he/she get a job in Government/Grant in Aid Institutions/University while working in a private college.

23.Every college should have the following staff pattern:
(a) Professor (b) Reader (c) Lecturer

24.The Guide/Supervisor should see that the thesis written by a PG student is not a repetition or reproduction of the work already done by PG students in the various PG Colleges. Any violation, the Guide/Supervisor will be responsible and he/she will be liable for penal action.